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Photos Courtesy: B. Porr

The day we signed the lease!

who is that behind the counter?

When you visit our store during the week you will find the person who keeps this place running for us; just call her B ( her name is actually Bailey ).  She is our store manager and also our daughter, as well as a knowledgeable resource for our customers.  B has an exceptional pallet and enjoys matching folks with a style of beer she thinks they will enjoy brewing based on their "tastes" or experience with drinking craft beer.  B has access to a wealth of resources to get answers to all your brewing questions. 

Enjoy the fruits of your labor... brew beer.  Our store owner, Stephen Porr, (known to many of you as SJ) began using this catch phrase to end You Tube videos he made about his home brewing hobby  several years ago.  He's been brewing longer than he's been making videos, but it was the combination of the two hobbies that led him down the path of opening The Grain Bill. It's quite the story, and one that you can ask about any time you drop by the store.  The Grain Bill is family owned and operated and we serve the South Central Pennsylvania brewing community at our brick and mortar location in Red Lion, Pennsylvania.