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A Mangrove Jack Chocolate Brown Ale Pouch

Thursday May 4th, 2017

One thing that I often hear from people wanting to dive into this hobby is "how long does it take to brew a beer?" I like to answer that question by asking..."how much time would you like for it to take?" Around that time I usually get a confused look...

Personally, one of my favorite things about homebrewing is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you want.  Seriously! With options from extract pouches, to all grain recipes you are able to decide what "type" of brewer OR BREWSTER you'd like to be.

For one of my most recent brews I decided that I wanted to do something on the "easier" side of, I picked up a Mangrove Jack Chocolate Brown Ale pouch.

The Mangrove Jack Pouches are awesome, they are designed to be done as 6 gal brews...but, i like to do them as 5 gal (up that abv a tad.) Additionally with the pouches you need 8oz of malto dextrin, 1lb of DME to match, and 2.2lbs of dextrose.

From beginning to end of my brew day, including cool down and clean up...this took me an hour and 15 minutes...with some dilly dallying involved.

(opposed to your 4-6hour all grain brew days--which are equally as awesome)

I got home from the shop around 5-got cleaned up and fermenting by 7pm---

This is the 4th pouch that I have made, 2 being ciders...and the end product is incredible. I offered samples out to quite a few customers, friends, and family without telling them how I brewed it and was met with nothing but praise and lots of "mmmm, yums" then looks of disbelief when showing them the pouches, and saying this is it! Process might be slightly different, you're still left with the same end result...BEER.

So what's stopping you?!

Check out the variety of Mangrove Jack pouches...both beer and cider, you won't be disappointed!

OH! and if you want to do a "jacked up mangrove jack pouch" as Sj calls them..simply add some specialty grains to your pouch.

See! Simple, easy, and at the end of the day i'm still able to

enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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